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Are you looking for a peaceful neighbourhood to call home in Red Deer? Perhaps your family prefers some peace and quiet, or you are reaching retirement and want your new neighbourhood to offer some tranquility. With Red Deer being a larger city, you’ll find several varieties of neighbourhood options available. The perfect community is out there if you know where to look. Check out some of these micro-communities around Red Deer that offer the peaceful living you desire.


Start your search with a visit to the Sunnybrook neighbourhood in Red Deer. This neighbourhood is known for being calm and tranquil, while being less urban than most Red Deer neighbourhoods. You’ll enjoy many beautiful walks through this wooded community and there

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When real estate lingo is new to your family, it can be frustrating trying to keep up with the terms your realtor uses in conversation. One of the terms you may hear in this process is a pocket neighbourhood, which may make you think of a small, confined space like a pocket.

The term is relatively new, only being around since the 90’s when architect Ross Chapin started using it. He came up with the term to refer to a similar definition to the one above; it refers to a small group of homes that share a common space and face one another. This may come up in your search for your next home in Red Deer, since many are choosing homes that are in areas wanting to promote community ties and neighbour interaction, unlike traditional neighbourhoods. Take a

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Have you visited the Village of Alix since in Central Alberta yet? This is a great area to consider for your move to Red Deer because Alix is known for its beauty, its sense of adventure, and its focus on being an active community. You may get this impression just from seeing the mascot of Alix: an alligator.

Not only will you find an interesting history here, but you’ll also find that this is a sports town. If this sounds like a dream neighbourhood for your family, check out these interesting facts about the area to get to know it even better.

A look at the history of Alix

Understanding more about Alix starts with understanding more about its history. You may be wondering how Alix got its name, and it actually comes from the first female

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When it’s time to shop for a home in Red Deer this year, you may be thinking about the questions you’re going to want to ask your friends or your realtor. Common questions will come up, such as “What type of mortgage should I get?” or “When is the best time of year to buy?” but what about those less obvious questions that may make a big difference in finding the right home?

There are questions you may not have thought to ask that you’ll regret not asking later, such as asking about the home’s history or what activities you can enjoy in this part of town. Take note of these less obvious questions that you should ask when you buy a home this year.

Does a home meet my needs?

The first question that you should really focus on in any potential

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Condos as a Trending Luxury Among Urban Dwellers Trends in major metropolitan areas are changing. Trends are always in flux in some sense, but luxury urban living is one current popular trend, with the goal being "affordable luxury." For some people, downtown living is becoming the new normal, not only for young professionals but for baby boomers and soon-to-be-retired couples as well.

What are the hot buttons for these different sets of target buyers? And are there more similarities than differences?

Location, Views and Charm

Where is almost as important as what, and prime properties vary from one city to another. Among Class A amenities for urban dwellers are walkability––green space is a bonus––and access to cultural centers, fine dining, coffee shops, and "watering holes."

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Are you thinking about starting a family and need the perfect house for your growing family? You’ll need certain things in a house and neighbourhood that a retired couple or a young professional would be as concerned about. You’ll want to consider factors like school districts, crime rates, and proximity to local playgrounds.

A young professional might be more concerned with being near great coffee shops and weekend brunch spots while a retired couple may be considering a place that is walking distance to groceries and services in case they don’t want to drive. Take a look at the things that you are going to want to look for in a neighbourhood that will suit you best if you are trying to start a family.


One thing you may want to

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Have you ever wondered how city planning affects the prices of real estate? It’s one of those areas of city management that isn’t really understood when it comes to those in the real estate field. City planning takes many years and even decades to complete and each job can have a big impact on the status of real estate values.

This makes life complicated for real estate agents because city planning decisions are shaping the city and property values. This has only been going on since the 1940s when city planning became a thing, while before that the only sign of city planning took place during the Simcoe Plan rudimentary of 1793. Without a city plan in place during the 1900s, it caused a big message in Toronto from lack of planning and direction.

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Part of the moving process is purging some of the things you own in an attempt to lighten the load for your move. It’s a great way to look at what you own and to decide whether you really use these items on a regular basis and if you’ll want it to come with you to your new home.

Sometimes buying a home means that you’ll to get new furniture for the new space, and get rid of pieces that just don’t make sense in the new house. Take a look at this guide for all of the decluttering tips you’ll need to put your house on the market.

Start with the basement and garage

One of the toughest areas to declutter is going to be the basement and garage. These two areas are notorious for being storage spaces for families that don’t know where to keep things

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Finding the Right House Size for any Home Buyer Buying a home means making lots of decisions. Where should the home be located? How many bedrooms should it have? Traditional single family home, condo, townhome, or how about a duplex? While questions like these are important and useful for helping buyers decide critical details that will make their shopping experience better, an even better question may well be about what size home to purchase and here are some key reasons why. 

Consider the Amount of Space Needed

One of the determining factors for the purchase price of a home will be the amount of square footage, along with condition, location, age, and a few other criteria. Choosing a smaller home could mean saving a substantial amount of money on your initial investment. This is

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Many of the home buyers in the market right now fall into the generation of Millennials; the generation born from 1980-2000. These buyers are likely first-time buyers and less familiar with the home buying process. How do you prepare to buy a home this year?

Along with setting your budget and saving up for that down payment, it’s important to work with a trusted agent that will guide you along through the process. Take a look at the top 5 tips to keep in mind as you buy a home in 2017.

Get advice from the start

A great tip to keep in mind that taking all of the tips and advice you can get from the start is only going to benefit your family as you learn throughout the process. It’s a complicated process whether you’ve purchased before or not,

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