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Sometimes when your children struggle with their homework each night, it’s actually a symptom of not having a great homework space. Creating a space in the home that is dedicated to homework, making it functional and inspiring, and making it work for your child are the key ingredients to a more successful student.

You can easily create the perfect homework space by dedicating a place in the home, removing the clutter, and adding some elements to work with your young ones better. This could even apply to your own needs, with an at-home work station that is designed just for you or your spouse. Take a look at the ways you can create the perfect work space in your home for you or the kids.

Choosing the space

Do you tend to dedicate the kitchen

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Home Garden Improvement The landscape surrounding a home for sale may look delightful or drab. It may sell potential buyers on a house or make them want to rescue it. However, homebuyers seldom stop to consider the cost of either maintaining or renovating a property's plantings.

Before bidding on a property, it's necessary to consider how much money is available in your budget beyond the basics of purchase price, insurance and property tax, inspections, closing costs and neighbourhood association fees.

Failing to estimate landscaping costs before buying a property may lead to unpleasant surprises. Here are some considerations.


The first step in estimating the green tab for a house is to survey its landscape and decide whether help is necessary to

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Buying a Home With an Office Now more than ever, the line between work time and your home life has become blurred.

Freelancers and entrepreneurs have long needed to work from home, but today's technological advances make it easy for just about anyone to take advantage of some flex time and take care of tasks from their home with their own computers.

Even if you don't work from home, you might find yourself doing so in the near future — even if it's just a few days per year when the weather is bad. 

To accommodate these major changes in how workers are getting their jobs done, you should consider creating a home office or similar work room in your next house. As you stroll through open houses and flip through listings, make sure some office space is on your wish list.

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Design is a complicated part of owning a home and one that really comes into play when it’s time to sell your home. You may love a bold purple dining room or a lime green kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to appeal to just anyone trying to buy your house.

While anyone can repaint a room, not everyone has the imagination to see a room in a design they despise that could be transformed into their dream vision. While some people can look at a home as a blank canvas, for others, it’s too hard without neutral tones, modern upgrades, and a general sense that this is a house that could become a home for them.

Having too specific of designs that don’t resonate with everyone will make it difficult to sell your home. Which design trends turn off

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Fall & Winter Time When talking to friends and relatives, they may suggest buying a home during the summer. Summer is certainly a time when many homes are available, with nice weather making house-hunting more comfortable.

However, this may not always work for your timeline and personal needs. If you are looking to buy a home in fall or winter, here are four reasons you may actually be buying at a good time.

Buy on Your Timeline

There are few things about the home buying process that are more stressful than trying to contend with someone else’s timeline. When you are competing with a number of different buyers in spring or summer, you may lose out to another who is willing to close more quickly or to offer the seller more favorable terms.

In the fall and

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Renting is a great solution for those that are anticipating purchasing a home in the future. You may be in the process of selling your home and seeking a new home, relocating to a new area, or you are trying to improve your financial situation before you work on getting a mortgage.

For college students and young adults, renting is really common as they earn job experience, savings for a down payment, and pay off student loans. It’s a good time to buy a home in Red Deer and it may be time for you to ditch renting once and for all. Take a look at this guide to determining if you are ready to buy a home and ditch renting for good.

Do the math

It’s important to look at the renting vs. buying math before making any decisions. Rent seems like a

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Boosting Winter Curb Appeal During the summer, it is fairly simple to add a few new plants or flowers to make your property look fresh and alive. If you want to sell a home in winter, you need to try a few different ideas to improve your curb appeal.

Maintenance is always key, but you can add some extra special touches that set your property above the rest. These six tips help to make your property look its best, even when covered in snow.

1. Lighting

With many more hours of dark than light, your ability to light the property is vital. After all, if buyers cannot see the home’s exterior well enough to reach the door, they may decide to leave before they even get out of the car. Ensure that the driveway and walkways are fully lit, especially near stairs or any place

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